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Improve Your Dental Help Skills.

They’re CEREC or their  internal camera or their you know d  cone beam scanner it’s the telephone if  the telephone is not ringing  Dentemax  and you’re not handling the calls right you’re not  going to have a lot of patience to to use the CEREC on so I’m huge on making sure your team is trained well in the  telephones and unfortunately in the dental office.

What typically happens is we hire a new employee that’s onion oh we don’t even know if  they’re gonna make it and we try them out on the phones well we don’t even know if this employees any good this new employee and we’re spending thousands of  dollars on marketing and this new potential new patient calls in and the employee doesn’t know how to handle the call so telephones to me are a number one and there’s you know other companies  out there.

That teach phone skills and how to handle the phones I think that it’s so vital that you teach your team how to be good on the phones  dental helps  you know on how to handle the calls now I’m not a  script person I don’t teach scripts in my videos I believe that scripts don’t work because people know on the other end of the phone that they’re getting a script and so I teach the team more about the why it isn’t why is it  important that one of my big things is don’t ask insurance number one question or number two question because you’re already setting up this idea.

That insurance is important the patient and that very first phone call and not that we don’t want to know  insurance and we want to verify it but ask it later in the in the appointment let’s find out who’s on the phone let’s set ourselves apart by getting to know the person calling in and then we’ll handle the insurance questions so that’s that’s kind of my that was my short  answer my other one overall would just be customer service and that’s the remainder of the training .

How to smart in Dental Insurance Nc ?

It it’s a braces over for advantage plus two is that available nope not for name team director all right perfect the next question is what is the maximum deductible for the advantage plus two if you can please show that dental insurance nc oh it’s right in front of us yep correct but it’s it’s x I think it’s probably that person is getting two.

dental insurance nc

So with a family the maximum is to read adduct Abul so if you have a family of six we’re only going to subject you to three deductibles out of that family of six so perfect the next question is let’s see we answered the illinois question i’d see what is the difference between going directly with Emeritus if you already have the network available through teen course carrier yeah.

So Mara said she doesn’t do any direct appointments at least not on the individual side they do with their with their large group Salesforce they’ve got about a hundred emeritus sales reps that are out there working with agents on direct basis we don’t offering direct dental insurance contracts all of our contracts are offered through general agencies yep like HCP team Corp is a different product altogether.

dental insurance no waiting period

That is what I would consider to come like a private label products that’s separate from prime star with that plan specifically what they’re doing to try to keep the rate down as low as possible to kind of allow for that higher comp is they’re using actually the skinny version they’re using a slice of the emeritus classic network so the price is our plan I go on the wrong way here utilizes the the the classic network which is the broadest network giving you four and just about four and thirty thousand access points.

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