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Apply full coverage dental insurance blue cross

Apply full coverage dental insurance blue cross Remove the bleach strips from the package. They cost about 25.00 euros and can be bought at the drugstore or via the internet.

The glue strips are made of polyethylene. Apply full coverage dental insurance blue cross The peroxide gel sticks to the plastic and makes your teeth white.

If there are two stripes, there are two strips: one for your upper and one for your lower row teeth.

Put the strokes on your teeth. Although you do well to follow the instructions on the package, most strokes can be done two hours a day for half an hour. Some strips dissolve when they come into contact with saliva and others must be removed and disposed of after use.


Let your teeth be professionally bleached with the dentist. Your dentist will put a rubber guard around your gums to prevent your gums from being irritated. Then the dentist will throw peroxide gel into a shape that is modeled on your teeth. He puts the shape on your teeth.