Tips too get humana dental at lowest cost

humana dental insurances unless they sign the high-tech form and say that you humana dental don’t but you you typically have to do that and then what you have to do is.

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I always recommend never applying a write-off to somebody with two insurances until after

the secondary insurance pays secondary insurance is confusing for

the pros it’s can so when you’ve got a new new person at your front desk you

can have you can end up with credit balances you can end up and it’s

confusing to your front desk it’s confusing to you it’s ten times more confusing to your patient and it breeds mistrust so remember that you you build primary insurance

you first you have to establish who’s primary which you do with the eligibility check you build a primary insurance then you send a report which is the EOB of

what primary paid – with the secondary claim and you can explain that to the patient you can’t build both insurances at the same

time you have to build one then the other yes and it doesn’t say because your insurance doesn’t know anything about the secondary insurance right so be

be patient your insured or dental office is now going to build your secondary insurance so they never do

that they’re not gonna say that yeah so I’m going to get an EOB say patient responsibility and there’s going to be a dollar

amount there and you’re gonna get a phone call most likely from an upset patients saying but I – insurance is whatever so here’s

what you need to tell them up front that after the primary insurance is built you most likely are going to get a bo-beat or you have an exhalation of benefits

that says patient responsibility do not panic yes you’re more than welcome to give us a call but do not panic because we will get the same thing and

we then need to build the secondary insurance think about the prep first insurance companies so right Oh proactive communication

with their patient to make sure that they don’t get upset through the entire process right and also know and also you need the EOB is a requirement and if you if y