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What Is Ameritas Dental Network

Ameritas Dental Network used since the s but it has a few other measurement devices that will we’ll look at Ameritas Dental Network what you’re gonna do is take a measurement from the incisive papilla.

Ameritas Dental Network

Ameritas Dental Network

That usually sits right behind the central incisors and it’s usually pretty obvious in the a dentist Richmond place it  Ameritas Dental Network on the inside papilla and have the patient drape their lip over and to a relaxed position.

This measurement is about thirteen or fourteen millimeters you’re gonna record that and I’ll show you why here in a second the UM insights the papilla really is a very important spot for any denture maker Ameritas Dental Network for instance.

we know that it’s approximately millimeters behind the labial surface of the central incisors that will help the technicians position those teeth and we also know that if we measure from the in size of a pillow down to the resting lip we can determine and estimate the in the incisive edge of

the central incisors so just with that papilla papilla meter incisive papilla we can determine the actual position of eight and nine and any technician will tell you if they know the central incisor position it makes it a Ameritas Dental Network lot easier for setting the rest of the teeth in the denture now in younger

people when the patient is at rest they’ll show up to three millimeters of tooth exposure the tooth worn in exactly at the resting lip but in my mouth I’m seventy um you don’t see my upper teeth anymore I’m probably .

a millimeter short all of those things can be taken into factors as you set your teeth now one of the questions that Ameritas Dental Network comes up is what happens when the bone is lost in the maxilla what happens to the