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Ameritas dental did’t help for everyone

these two questions is a Ameritas dental lifetime practice there are no simple answers and no shortcuts that’s what this podcast is here to explore my name is paulo pan I’m the host of the afford anything podcast every other week.



I answer questions that come from you the community this week here is what we’re gonna cover alex has a massive gap between what she earns and what she spends how should she direct .

This money Christine is just bought her first home and feels as though she’s behind because she started saving later in life what should she do to be able to accelerate her path to fi financial independence amy is not sure whether.

She should pay off her mortgage or sell her home and downsize Miriam had a life-changing illness last year and now she’s inspired to start a business that is meaningful and purposeful to her.

What should she know Katherine just had an offer accepted on a duplex in which she’ll be house hacking what kind of emergency fund does she need and NIC saw the Netflix documentary on .

The fire festival and is wondering is the fire financial independence retired early community going to have its own fire festival we’re gonna answer all of these questions right now let’s start

With Alex hey Paula Alex here I absolutely adore your podcast that said I have a couple questions I want to give you as much detail as possible for a detailed answer in return so please bear with me I’m and just recently purchased my second home my first home was purchased in in Chicago which I’m renting out now for profit of $ per