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Dental insurance that covers everything

Dental insurance that covers everything

  • to  and the  little air flossers – Dental insurance that covers everything n between the  teeth.
  • is an effective device you know it’s very hard to floss somebody else’s  teeth and but that.
  • little of those little what people ask me about those those little sprayers are good a .
  • Waterpik for it would be difficult for a person who has swallowing challenges because that’s.
  • got a lot of fluid going  on there there’s a lot of sensory kind of overload and true orally for.
  • in it for an individual cognitive challenges so I might stay away from a Waterpik if.

 we were gonna get to that level then I would use a suction toothbrush and clean the .

  • person’s mouth out here this round  #wikipedia toothbrush is what are they for a .
  • bad a price here’s  the little flossers there I had theirs handles that you can buy those in.
  • The drugstore a little it’s got the handle and little floss that’s got you can go ahead and.
  • floss a person’s teeth but it’s  difficult so like I say the little water flosser is nice it works.

Pretty good I have a lot of regular needs patients

  • good oral health so you know you might have a  person a family member who has had .
  • some bridges done you know how do you clean those bridges it’s hard especially you know.
  • if you don’t have any bridges so that’s a great thing to do to clean underneath it because .
  • if you get  cavities under that bridges I can guarantee you getting the teeth out or getting.
  • them treated is difficult and so how do we do that in the office I frequently have people

with degenerative diseases it requires sedation because there’s no other way they may.

  • have they may have tremors they may not have tremors they may have contractual .
  • that you can’t get them out open they may have cognitive challenges that they’re just.
  • not gonna let a person go ahead and work on their mouth and there is a major issue